Bestone Indonesia Ltd, was founded in 2001 and is committed to making your home and building look beautiful by processing high-precision natural stone tiles and wallcoverings with various materials and designs to be applied to your buildings. Our products are selected from the best stones, namely sandstone, andesite, granite, limestone, basalt, and other mineral stones from the island of Java, Mount Merapi and others. We provide high quality natural stone for you. For your best part in your home and building. Bestone company always provides high quality natural products that can be used for interior as well as exterior. Bringing a good feeling to your home is our specialty and we are always here to help you. Good solution for everyone who wants to have natural feeling at home. Natural feelings are soothing feelings that are good for all human beings in this world.


To be the best natural stone processing company in Indonesia.

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Providing services to consumers in a professional manner by paying attention to the balance of environmental sustainability which is manifested in various tangible aspects.

"Our focus is on developing quality and precision"

To achieve our goals, our products are selected from the best lava stone, sandstone, granodiorite, limestone, and slate stone from Java Island. Our factory using some of latest machineries for cutting, and processing the stone to meet your sophisticated demand.

We always pay attention to the aspects of cleanliness, precision, and tidiness so that customers get optimal results.

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