Why Natural Stones?


Yes, they will. However, you must make sure that the instalation is made according to building regulations. The critical for freezing is still water that expands below freezing point.

Since this is a natural stone, you should open up all the boxes and check the colour variation, mix them to get an even look before instalation.

Natural stone products do have the possibility to become mossy, especially on white lime stone and yellow sand stone because of the humid temperature caused by heat and rain. To solve the problem of moss, we also provide a special coating to protect the surface of natural stone so that moss will not grow for a long time.

Natural stone installation does require less special attention than ceramic installation. Poor installation and poor adhesive cement dough are the main causes. therefore the installation of natural stone must use a dough that contains more cement to make it stronger and if you want the maximum you can use MU cement.

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